Who is Gharlane of Eddore?

Gharlane of Eddore was
named after a character
created by sci-fi legend
EE Smith.

E. E. “Doc” Smith wrote science fiction. He's best known for two series, the Skylark series and the Lensmen series which
is a set of books concerning the most noble set of Good Guys ever to run loose in Science Fiction.

The ultimate nasties in the books are a race called the 'Edorians' and the second baddest dude of these is Gharlane of Eddore. He's kind of like Darth Vader in Star Wars, though Gharlane would have him for breakfast without breaking a sweat. Also like Star Wars, you never really get to know the top bad guy/alien. Anyway, Gharlane seemed pretty cool, in a monstrously evil sort of way, so I named myself after him/it.


About my MG...i have a toy boy as he is a year younger than i am . Works too hard, doesnt get enough free time to do what he likes to do. Has a major passion for cars and at present is in love with his "Big Black Beastie"

He can be a right grump in the mornings, snores too loud and hogs the bed covers, but i love him with all my heart, mind, body and soul and i am His slave.


(M.G for short)

When my girl decided she wanted to make a site for herself I agreed it would be a good idea. She has however asked if she may use some thoughts and writings from me too, and this then is that section.

We have been 24/7 together two and a half years now, and each day we still learn things, and happen upon unexpected discoveries about one another. In all that time our view of our relationship has changed many times, in that we have described ourselves within the lifestyle in many different ways. At first we worried about what people thought of us. In fact so much so that we were probably influenced by others. With time spent together comes experience, and a knowledge that we are what we are, and now we only really answer to each other about what we do.

Being comfortable with, and in each other's company also gives us a strength that few manage to obtain. Because we don't answer to anyone else, we don't need to concern ourselves with what they think of us. Our D/s is what we make it. It is both personal and private. We rarely discuss in public the actualities of what we do, or how. We see no need, frankly, to tell others about our private moments. What we are happy to demonstrate is how strong our relationship is: and of course that is created by not only our lifestyle choice, but by the fact, whether through luck or judgement that we are matched in almost every way. We think the same thoughts, like and dislike the same things, and for the most part are in tune on pretty much everything we do.

Of course finding that soulmate is based on luck: however, having found the one it is so important that we take the opportunity that's presented and go with it. Whatever that may mean. Too many live in the comfort zone of what they have, afraid to break out and take that big leap of faith to grasp what they know is really right for them. To those I say "you are not as committed as you would have us believe".

I am pleased that my cleo has created this site, which in some way may help others, especially submissives, but Dominants too, understand some of the inner workings of the sub/slave mind. To know what is going on in there is more than half the battle.

I commend the site to all who happen upon it.


Some Writings of MG's....


I Dont Do Pain

When my girl and I first "met" online, in a D/s chatroom, we were drawn to each other, although quite what by I am not sure. We knew nothing about each other, at that time, and of course one has so little to go on because we only show what we want others to see online.

However I do remember that one of the very first things she said to me when we began talking "seriously" was "i don't do pain". Right. Well of course we take those things on board, and when we first met face to face and began our D/s relationship in real life this was something which was very much in my mind: you know the thoughts: "Dont hurt her, you'll put her off" etc etc.

This was the case to start with, and the application of pain as part of play was something which we steered well clear of. However we are not ones to leave stones unturned, and our thoughts advanced to the idea of creating mental states and mindsets which are often achieved through the application of pain. This was done carefully and over a period of time, so that nothing too intense or shocking happened too quickly.

Now nearly 3 years after cleo uttered those words "i don't do pain" I can categorically state she lied!

She is the worst pain slut I know and long may it continue.



Robots.. Who needs them ?

We have spent a good part of the day, on and off, looking at ways to create more control in our life. This is a need which the sub has and while i agree that it may be needed, finding the processes that work effectively, and which are manageable are not so simple.
We have just looked at some sites that list various "rules" laid down by which slaves live with their Masters. I have one question to ask here....

Do these people want partners, or do they want robots?

It seems to me that a person who can, for example require his slave to adhere to a 128 point list throughout her life can neither remember all the things in the list, or check effectively whether they have been done, or not.

Furthermore, when I see such items as "the slave shall, on her period only be allowed to wear a pad or tampon at the discretion of the Master...." then I am amazed that anyone in their right mind can either write this, or agree to live by it. This is no more than total fantasy, and designed purely for the self gratification of a person who obviously has absolutely no regard whatsoever for the feelings and emotions of the person whom he professes to "care for totally, and always act in her best interest".

What I don't see in any of these sites is an admission that the Master might err, or may get it wrong. Are there such peerfect people in this world? I doubt it. The fact of the matter is that when a person is "engaged" in this way, and given the term slave it is purely like a job: how one can be so impersonal and factual about such things as orgasm, and love and care i do not know.

I certainly can't, and I know I never will. You think I am joking.. well I am not..