One might say 'mantra is just a bunch of words'. Yes they are a bunch of words. Everything we say are bunch of words. Then how come some words make
us feel good and nice,
while others make us feel bad? The reason is our interpretation of these words. We take things personally, due to 'ego'. Now to the science behind the working of 'mantra'. The human brain is made up of a number of small cells called neurons. There
neurons are interconnected. When we think certain neurons fire and form a
strong path. Each path represents a certain aspect of interpretation. A very strong path is said to be memory. All rceptions /interpretations and memory are based on which neurons fire and which ones don't.








The word Mantra is a word combining the two syllables: man, meaning mind, and tra translated as deliverance. A mantra is a pure sound-vibration intended to deliver the mind from illusion and material inclinations. Chanting is the process of repeating a mantra.

The Mantra's (or mantram as it is sometimes refered to) purpose is to assist your mind to focus when it is scattered. By chanting mantras, one is able to produce a spiritual effect which is associated with the physical sensation of the vibration the chant produces. Thus when the mantra is chanted the effect is felt. This is an easy way to obtain peace of mind, but takes much practice. Chanting mantras is also used to make the intent of the mantra a physical reality. Energy naturally follows intent and thus the chanting of a mantra will eventually lead to the physical manifestation of the mantra. Chanting mantras affects your subtle body (electromagnetic energy field) which holds your consciousness. Since your subtle body is made up of small vibrations, chanting directly affects the energy vibration of your subtle body. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time, the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra. After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the mantra. By slowly understanding how mantras work, our understanding of the universe which is composed of energy is broadened.

i am slave i live to serve

He is Master and I am slave.
He is Owner and I am owned.
He commands and I obey.
He is to be pleased and I am to please.
And why is this?
Because he is Master and I am slave.

I live to obey master. I live to serve master. I live to pleasure master. I am lost without master

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the thing, that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Though I am a slave, I am free for the first time in my life

I can not fix the world.

I am not responsible for other people’s issues

Master may not always be correct, but master is never wrong.