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Though I may not always state
it on each webset, these graphics
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Many of these websets use
frames to create a seamless
border around the body of the document.

All of these sets are linkware,
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None of the images and/or zip
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copyright to all graphical content remains mine. Blank buttons
and title graphics are provided
in each zip file for self-
customization; most of the
buttons and titles use a simple cutout/drop shadow effect for


I am my Masters slave,

it is a life commitment and as
such, it is not my intention to
see any changes to my current
way of life or status.

i am who i am and proud to
call my self...

slave to MG

You can dream, create, design and build

the most wonderful place in the world,but it requires people to make the dream a reality.
Walt Disney

This attempt on my part to create pleasing websets is one way i relax, if you like my work, that is great, if not, there are hundreds of other webset designers out there.

These websets are a part of Seekers Design©, and are free for use on a personal webpage. Do not attempt to use the graphics directly from this site, click each thunb nail to view each set and if required, copy to your own hard drive... please !

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If you like my work , you are welcome to donate a small sum, to assist with the cost of maintananing this site,I am not after making huge profits, if Iwere I would charge for all my websets.


(one off.. you buy it. its yours.)

Free~Linkware sets

Boots. Butterfly Champagne Cherry Ripe
Cleopatra Collar Crystal Cuffed
Dagger Desire Dove Duchess

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Eastern Promise Elegance Emerald Pastel
FanFair Floral Forget me not spice
Heart felt Innocence Ivy Satin
lady of the night Naked lady    

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Kitty Kneel Black Widow Lilac Wine
Magnolia Mint Misty Orchid
Paper Chase


Peaches Pearls
Lace Pretty Pink Queen Red Roses
Regal Ruby
Silver Sir Snakes Star

Strawberry Sweet Pea Sword Thorns
Thoughts White Rose Leather Strings
Jane Gray Sugar Plum Purple Haze Executive


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