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I live as a slave to my Master, which for the outsider will sound horrible but for those familiar with the lifestyle is not something strange.

An attempt to explain something that is in constant development:

First of all, our relationship is built on trust, a way of describing it can be with the words Safe, Sane and Consensual - SSC. But there are more to it. This is the way we both find ourselves the happiest, most content. It is not he who has enslaved me, I have given my power to him. We met, we fell in love and he offered me the gift of taking control, I offered him the gift of trusting him with it.

Our relationship is not the kind of relationship where I'm sleeping in the basement and are chained to the stove during the day, even though it might be something that happens from time to time, you'll never know. It's a relationship based on love, on mutual understanding and on trust. I have given my power to my Master, to care for and to be responsible of. I am free to do as I wish, but He has the right to stop me if He wants. To outsiders we look much like any other couple, and most people tend to think that .

This site is mainly about thoughts I have, for one thing is for sure, it is not an easy path to walk, the path of power exchange. A lot of thoughts are confusing, and the fears of going against what is commonly accepted are sometimes overwhelming. To be able to write it down helps a lot in the development.


The site may have some rather explicit and maybe even graphic details of the way we have chosen to live our lives. This is my choice, i choose to live this way, within a consensual relationship where i have decided to give over to my Master, the day to day decisions that most of us would take for granted. How to dress, when to go out or stay at home, even what time to get up or go to bed. This is my choice, i give my submission to him, freely, willingly and with love.

That doesnt mean we are not a normal family, because we are. We live in a family home with my two girls. Master and I have been together since August 2001, first meeting online and then living together since January 2002. If you met us walking down the street, we would be no different to the million and one other couples you are likely to met in your lifetime, we dont have horns sticking out of our heads, nor do we behave any differently than anyone else, we have just chosen to live in a certain manner that suits us.


It would also be worth all the effort of making and maintaining this site if just one person reads something from either here or any of our other sites and finds an answer to a single question because unless those questions are asked and answered there is little possibilty of us growing and learning.

If you have an interest in D/s, M&s, T.P.E. B&D, S&M or any other kink of that nature, please come in, pull up a chair and have a muse around the world in which i live.

cleo, 24/7 slave to MG


Have you felt the urge to experience the submissiveness of your nature, or, perhaps your mate has asked for your submission?

Becoming a slave is not an end, it is more aptly a new beginning.

Your reasons for submitting as a slave to your mate must be your own. Most slaves prefer to be the property of one Master, much as a wife literally belonged to her husband in ages past. For a few slaves, however, their adventurous spirit requires the pleasure and excitement of serving more than one Master. It does not matter which type you become, since all can find happiness in this world, and in turn bring happiness to their Masters. The most important thing for you is which lifestyle will bring happiness to you. Women usually find that by bringing more happiness to their men they in turn bring more happiness to their feminine souls.

Does being a slave make you in any way less than 'normal' ? Indeed not. Rather, we know that within you is far more. You have opened yourself to new possibilities. You have committed yourself to your mate with more confidence and enthusiasm. Your intensity and passion can fire your relationship far longer than a normal lover's. Few women have a man with the power and passion that slaves do."


Many men desire this, and many women desire to be posessed as well, but still, few dare to bring it to reality. However, our sexuality and emotional needs are very complex, and there are many patterns and variations. For example, there are also men who desire to submit and emerse themselves in their love for a woman, and there are women who desire to possess men. All of these relationships can work given the right circumstances."

The 'mate-slave' is someone who has willingly taken a vow of submission and obedience to their mate. Their slavery is not coerced, nor are they held forcibly by an oppressive social or legal system. Indeed, the world around them guarantees their freedom to turn away from their mate and seek another life -- and yet they choose to live in a private world in which they are truly a slave to their mate.

All relationships are different because all people are different, but underlying our individual differences we share many things. In mate-slavery both partners are reaching beyond ordinary social facades and striving to meet their needs through the other in a way 'normal' relationships cannot. Does this make mate-slavery better? Perhaps, but not necessarily. There is much potential power there, and if used wisely it can forge a bond of great strength between two people.


Nothing in life is without risks, but mate-slavery is especially rewarding in these days of separate incomes, easy divorces, and separate lifestyles. Slavery can bring a greater level of support and security to the woman, more rewards to the man, and a higher level of excitement to the relationship.

I repeat, Nothing is without risks, but mate-slavery can bring great rewards if you risk it.

"A mate-slave couple is indeed blessed. Of course, what I have said are idealisations, and we know the reality in our lives falls short of the ideals which guide it. Still, a woman living as a slave enjoys a rare opportunity. One which you might miss."


Open the book -- the book which has been written to capture the meaning of my life -- and read . . .

path of submission

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