Charge after a Collaring.

A Charge is a form of strong recommendation, which lays out the meanings of a particular ritual. It may be spoken by another to those who have just been, for example, in this case, collared. It is an underlining of the meaning of the ritual that has preceded it.

Please feel free to comment upon it, and if you like it…use it.

Standing in front of and facing the couple, the MC speaks the following words:

"D/s is a lifestyle choice whereby people live their lives opting by nature to be either Dominant or submissive. In a relationship the one complements the other, and is based upon the submission of one to another, and the giving of mutual respect and absolute trust

To you both, I first offer my congratulations on this collaring. The physical bond that has been placed upon you, the submissive, by this Dominant, denotes many things.

Firstly it says that you belong together. The compatibility that you both feel for each other is obvious. Together you have made a choice to share your innermost thoughts and to fulfill the needs of each other. The placing of the collar is representative of the mental bond that must exist between you.

Next it tells us that you have chosen a way of life that few have the courage to explore. Your journey is just beginning. Never be afraid to tell each other what you feel, what you think, what you like, or dislike. To be able to do this is vitally important as you learn about each other, and grow together.

To you, the Dominant I say: never forget the responsibility that you have undertaken here. You are charged with the well being of your submissive in all you do. Your decisions will affect her (him) in every way. Her (his) life is literally in your hands. Do not shy away from that responsibility but use the power you have been given wisely. Never consider only yourself. Remember that your submissive will follow wherever you go. Do not lead her (him) into danger and be mindful that she (he) will look to you in all things for guidance and teaching. Learn from your submissive what is good for them, and be prepared to give as much, or more than you receive from her (him).

(takes up Dominants hand)

The Master's (Mistress's) hand is a double edged sword. It can give pleasure and it can punish. The Master (Mistress) must never forget that, and must consider every facet of any situation before using that power. It must never be used in anger, and must always be justifiable.

To you, the submissive I say: having chosen to submit to this Dominant you must never feel inferior. True submission is something that few ever receive, so remember that what you have offered is a treasure, to be kept safe by your Dominant. Walk beside Him (Her) and be proud of what you are. To be a submissive makes you no less worthy in this relationship.

(takes up submissive's hand, palm upwards) I take your hand and show it palm upwards to denote your submission, which should be to this One only…( places Dominants hand palm down over submissive's hand) and remind you that you have pledged to submit to your Master (Mistress) in all things. Never be afraid to speak out. In times of trouble look to your Master ( Mistress), and run to Him (Her) , not away.

Finally I urge you both: Have patience with each other and remember there will be bad times as well as good. Love each other, always, and demonstrate that love as often as you can and in as many ways as you can.

Copyright MasterGharlane 2004