Accept the Inevitable.

Relationships have to move, and grow, or of course they become stagnant, and futile. Ours has never been like that, as we always try to keep it moving and interesting, building new ideas and thoughts into what we do.

For some reason this last week or so we have taken probably the single biggest step in ours since the initial move to 24/7. We have through a series of changes to how we live and interact sort of "rebranded" MG and cleo. Very much in the vein of a product launch: new ideas, new packaging; same basic ingredients but with a new approach.

What the hell is he on about you are saying. We have taken the relationship to a new level (for us at least) by accepting the inevitability of our relationship being more M/s than D/s. While the D/s is of course a thread which runs through us both the M/s tag allows us to be more expressive of what we really feel. To be honest its like a whole new lease of life. Cleo for some time has wanted more, and for me, old dinosaur that I am, it takes me a while to get my head round the notion of something new. By God though when I do, I really do.

So we are Master and slave (rather than sub) from this point forward. This all revolves around the taking of more control on my part, and the giving up of same by cleo. Eventually our lives will be controlled by me totally, and cleo will accede to that over time. It's not easy to give up something you have had for your whole life but it has been easier for cleo than I thought it would. This new level in our life has given both of us a new perspective too: it's far easier now to reinforce daily the roles we each have.

To all intent and purpose we as people have not changed but what we have done is increased the intensity of the way we live, within our D/s, and this has meant we can better maintain Master and slave status daily. We have made some changes in the way we actually live our daily life: cleos place now is much more as a slave to my needs: to see that my wants are met. Our lives are now intertwined in such a way that they cannot and will never be separate again.

I seem to have assumed this much more controlling personality, how or why it happened I do not know, but the control and the submission feed off one another. Sparks fly much more than ever before, and allow the exploration of the hidden depths in ways and means we never thought possible.

We have already developed one or two rituals, at certain points in the day, and are looking at adding others. What is the reason? Simple! To further define the choices we have made about our lives. I seem to have developed this rather sadistic kink (I suppose it was always there, but it has just escaped) which manages to feed cleo's matching need for pain and control. This is going to become more and more part of us both in the future. I require: cleo does.

I am going to write lots more stuff about this over the next weeks but for now lets just say I am very pleased to have taken this first step.