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Welcome to Absolute Submission chat and radio.

"Absolute submission" has a new chat room that is all about fun, and enjoyment.

We have created a chatroom where everyone can have a good time, and relax, as well as getting to meet other lifestylers.

Essentially we don't like making too many rules in the room, other than to say "enjoy yourself!". Yes it's an adult room, and so we have adult topics and adult chat, so don't be offended if this is what you find there.

Our room is hosted on buzzen chat and as such, of course we follow the Buzzen code of conduct. (read the code of conduct here) To find the room click the link here and join our chat :

chat room link

Hosts guidelines

As well as the chat room we also now have our own internet radio station. DsFM is running 24/7 and at certain times we have live DJ's playing music and requests. To hear the radio click the grey arrow on the player to the right: a new window opens, and the music should play.

To see our Dj's playlists click here




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