The Balance

To keep the balance:

the weight of his Mastery cannot be

too heavy or one-sided,

the base of your submission cannot be too narrow or weak, or

the glue of obedience cannot be

too weak if it must hold you together.


As a slave you are virtuous when:

You accept Master's rules and discipline.

You accept the importance of his work,
and assist as much as you're able.

You dutifully take care of his home
and entertain his friends.

You humbly tell of your needs and fears
and then support his decisions.

You give him love and are pleased to serve,
and you respond to his attentions.

Then you ask "Could another slave do
more to bring him satisfaction?"

Only then can you be satisfied.

Your slavery is based
on your submissive nature,
yet the best slaves are forged
through the heart and will
of a strong Master.

It is only through the stress
of your enslavement
that you can grow within,
and shedding your cocoon skin,
emerge like a butterfly, but enslaved within.

It is only when you metamorphose
that your Master grows,
and true togetherness now attain.

Master and slave complement each other
in a fair exchange:

Your Master cultivates
submission and obedience
by your need for love and intimacy.

You seek to earn
attention and commitment
by feeding his lust for sex and power.

Thus, you give to yourselves
through the other.

A fair exhange, is it not?


If you willingly live your role
your Master can feel responsible for you,
yet you do not burden him by owning you.

Ownership can be a gift.
Submitting can be a release.

In life, it is not what you do,
it is how you do it.

How does your Master enjoy you?
Are you his wanton whore?
How does your Master desire you?
An innocently enslaved love?

Do you serve him as whore
but see him yearning for innocent love?
But can a slave truly choose?
Can a whore truly love?

If he truly enslaves you,
the more must he doubt you.
Paper, scissors, rock:
In the end you conquer him.

Master and slave
are thus together yoked.
The Way of Submission
does not lead only one way.