Along The Way

The three stages of mate-slavery
lead to striding up the aisle.

First a submissive puberty:
you're a "Sexual Toy"
thrilling to the game of it.

Then his demands increase:
now to be his "Servant"
and you learn obedience is serious stuff.

Eventually you mature:
you are his "Chattel"
and peacefully acknowledge it.

A few strides up the aisle,
and do any of them know
what you are really promising?

As a slave you learn
to be governed by
your Master's orders.

The freedom from choice
is a great freedom,
but only one who has experienced it
can ever truly know.

Your Master only commands
your obedience,
he does not command your heart.

The freedom to feel
is truly your only freedom,
yet it is the greatest one of all.

Feeling happy is not a right
and it cannot be earned or bought;
yet it is the truest measure of your slavery


As a slave you do not have
the right to please yourself,
yet you can fully enjoy
the privileges you've earned
by pleasing your Master.
These gifts
are the sweetest of all.


The ideal Master enjoys
dominance for its own sake.

He is insatiable in his lust for power,
and you are the focus of his desire.

He is kind to you and attentive,
yet unrelentingly he enslaves you.

The grip of his bonds is unbreakable
but velvet-soft is his caress.

His cock is fiery hot with passion
but his steel chains are cold on your flesh.

He uses his advantages
and he exploits your weakness.

He controls you by his design
rather than by his lust.

The ideal Master toys with you,
and he plays with you with fire.