The Beginnings

First, the question must be asked.

You may approach your lover,
or your lover may approach you.
It does not matter how it began,
but -- there -- it now lies between you.

Passion can lead you to submission,
but only your soul can truly commit.
Your promise must be heart-felt:
"To you, Master, I will submit."

It is the truth that now binds the both of you.


"Yang" and "Yin" describes it all:

Master -- slave
masculine -- feminine
husband -- wife
leader -- supporter
dynamic -- stable
forceful -- receptive
aggressive -- submissive
commanding -- obedient
conscious thought -- subconscious desire
visible strength -- hidden resilience
electric -- earthy
shocking -- clinging
creative -- nurturing
projecting onto others -- taking into oneself
the courage to control -- the confidence to submit
He is your Master -- you are His slave

Yang and Yin together are One.


At first the words sound strange.

"Yes, Master!"
"May I?"
and "Please?" as you beg.

Even stranger still:
"I am a slave" and
"I belong to You."

Kneeling before your Master.
Speaking the words.

And all the while
your heart is thumping

There are three kinds of slaves.
Which kind are you?

Born to it all,
"Natural Slaves" feel pleasure
belonging to their mate.
They serve in life with passion,
the most intense of all.

Taking their own direction,
"Evolved Slaves" find pleasure
choosing their mate.
They serve their mate with hope
and honor their possession.

Trapped by love and lover,
"Created Slaves" soon are begging
at the hands of their mate.
With firmness and handling,
they are kept captive.

These are the three kinds of slaves.
Which of them are you?

Can you discuss anything
always promising to love and obey?

Can you willingly make sacrifices
so your bondage will be strong?

Can you speak of your wellbeing
with the humbleness of need?

Can you sign your Slave Contract,
swearing in full faith?

Can you acknowledge gratitude
your Master's there?

"Yes," you firmly say.

Then blessed are you, slave,
for your journey
Indeed is well begun.

Your first and most precious
offering to your Master
is to give him,
as a slave,

Thereafter, as time goes on,
he requires more offerings
to show your sincerity.
Thus step-by-step
your Master