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I'm not weak, nor am I incapable of controlling my own life; I simply chose not to. I have found a better way, a safer and gentler way, for me to live my life. I've entrusted my care and well-being to the hands of another, my Dominant. In doing so, He has become all things to me: my protector, care-giver, lover, teacher and my master. I look to Him for guidance and support because I know He has my best interests in His heart. He has earned my trust and respect by being who and what He is and, in turn, has lead me to discover who and what I am. His guidance is gentle but strict, wanting only the best I can give and settling for a little less than perfection because He knows I'm not perfect.

His control gives me freedom. No longer do I have to struggle with decisions that overwhelm me. My spirit is set free under His dominance and my heart soars above the earth with His love under my wings lifting me to new heights each day. His strength makes me strong and yet allows me to be the soft, gentle soul my inner nature demands. I no longer need to fight for a place in life for I've found my place at His feet. His guidance takes me places I would never have gone on my own and I revel in the challenges this journey has brought. His bonds have released me from the chains of fear, prejudice and ignorance that were wrapped around me by society's teachings and expectations of me as a woman. His protection gives me peace, for I know in His care I am safe and sheltered from the things I dread most. His training and teaching have given me knowledge to help me meet the demands often made of me by life, but most of all, He has taught me about myself.

In serving Him I have been honored with His gifts. In my surrender I have been set free. In kneeling I have reached the sky and danced among the clouds. In loving Him I have been loved beyond my dreams. We have formed a symbiosis of giving and taking, Yin and Yang, soulmates, and a perfect fulfillment of our inherent natures. He calls me "His slave." I call Him "my Master."

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